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Have you ever thought about what the world would be like without light? Almost every person in the world is dependent on light. Whether it is an office or home we all need a good and suitable source of light for our work. Choosing a light in the form of a lamp most probably means that you need it for studying or working at the office.

LED lights have become more prominent nowadays because of their far-reaching implications. So why don’t get an LED light for a desk? We are going to tell you some interesting reasons for you to buy an LED desk lamp. So let’s check them out.


LED lights are new in the market and have dominated almost all kinds of lamps. The major reason is their market competitive pricing. These lights consume less energy when compared to other classical lamps and emit more light in return. LED lights are available in the market at a very low price and their efficiency is at its peak.

Energy Saving

For long people have been using classical energy savers for consuming less energy. The major issue was their less and all directional throw. Well, no need to worry as this is not the case of an LED lamp as it throws directional light. Moreover, an LED lamp directly throws light instead of heating a filament. So it consumes less energy and throws more light.

Higher Illumination

Have you been facing a problem with the other lamp light? That is probably because of the multi-directional light it emits. Well, that is not the case with an LED desk lamp. A desk lamp is expected to throw light directly otherwise a room light would have been enough.

LED lamp throws a directional light here it is pointed so there is no worry of bright light. It increases the accuracy of work and produces max light once turned on.


As the LED lights are cost-effective they are durable as well. These lights are manufactured differently from other ones. The LED light is composed of plastic and even if they fall on the floor by accident you can rest easy as they can survive such an impact.

There is a chance that the desk lamp might fell off by hand or while dragging the desk, so LED light can prove to be the best partner in this scenario.

Heat Production

If you are a regular lamp user then you would have observed yourself that classical bulbs used to heat the surroundings. Even if you are sitting away from the lamp, the temperature of the entire room rises. So this is where an LED lamp comes in handy.

A LED bulb generates relatively less heat than a traditional bulb. You ask how? The reason is the lack of presence of filament. In traditional bulbs, as the filament heats up it produces heat while in LED the light comes directly. So there is no heating of surroundings.

Better Life

An average candescent bulb has an average life in months. A high-quality bulb would hardly have a life of 8 months. In the case of an LED bulb, this lifespan is quadrupled. As the LED throws light directly without the need for any filament so it doesn’t need to be replaced.

Most of the LED bulbs work over years without any need for any replacement and tend to work efficiently as well. So why buy a traditional bulb when we have an LED bulb with more lifespan?

Zero UV Emission

A traditional light had a tungsten-based filament that used to heat up to produce light and consumed more watts while taking time to be brighter. In the case of LED, it is highly environmentally friendly because of the minimum carbon production.

There is no tungsten or lead-based filament that could emit UV or other harmful rays. The LED bulb is UV-free making it best suitable for the environment and health of people.


A filament is a source like a sun that heats up to produce light. In LED as there is no heating up, therefore the bub is not heated up. In traditional bulbs sometimes there was a small explosion as well. The LED bulb doesn’t heat up leading to a cooler bulb. So even if you touch there is no risk and you would be completely safe.

Better Design

Have you ever thought that you could use a filament-based bulb in any new design? Many tried to do it but failed. The reason was the spreading light of the bulb. Well, that’s not the case with an LED bulb as they come in a wide variety of attractive designs.

They have a small size through which you can simply adjust them in any shape and the directional throw makes it best suited for decoration and other flashy designs.


It is difficult to take a bulb with you and that too with ease. A LED bulb is relatively smaller and lighter in weight. It is quite easy to move it along with you because of easy installation and better benefits.

Solid State Lights

LED lights are entirely new and have different features from others. An LED is a solid-state light meaning that it doesn’t require any kind of glass around it. Well in the previous light we needed the glass mandatory.

It can be dimmed

Ever imagined dimming the light of a bulb? Whether yes or no, believe us that an LED light can be dimmed and brighten up depending upon the requirement. For this purpose usually, dimmers are installed with the lamp to increase or reduce the intensity of light.

So, whatever kind of activity you are carrying out you can adjust it as per your requirement and remain stress-free.

Instantaneous Switching

If you belong to the 20th century then I am quite sure that at some part of life you might have heard to avoid turning the light on and off frequently to avoid breakdown of the bulb. Relax, and enjoy the privilege of using an LED light that is not affected by switching rather there is any danger of its breaking down.

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