Amouage Honour Man edp 100ml


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Brand:      Amouage
Range:      Honour
Volume:    100ml

     100% Original

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8 in stock

Honour Man

Eau de Parfum

by Amouage


With HonourMan, Amouage shows it understands that sometimes the softer touch is the sexier. Instead of bombarding us with the typical hallmarks of a macho fragrance, Gold Man gently seduces with its blend of deep, dark jasmine, iris, and rose, grounded by civet, ambergris, musk, and Omani’s celebrated silver frankincense. A hint of patchouli and oakmoss brings to mind the classic chypres of the 1930s. The overall feel of Gold Man is of luxury and mystery, like seeing an Aston Martin speeding through a warm night on a road above the ocean. The man who wears Gold is confident and sophisticated and doesn’t need to flaunt his masculinity. We wouldn’t rule out Gold for a certain type of femme fatale, either. A deeply luxurious and elegant Chypre.

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