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As the name suggests tiki torches are another source of light that was observed in the US in the culture of tiki. You would probably think that why would people need it today? What’s their purpose in this modern world? Just read a bit further and you would get to know several places where you would have seen them with your own eyes.

Let’s talk about outdoor restaurants. Have you ever seen flaming rods for maintaining temperature and making the outdoor environment good?  Some people also use these tiki torches in their lawns to brighten it up with a cozy and warm outlook. Well, till now you would have got some idea of tiki torches, right?

What are Tiki Torches?

Tiki torches are light rods that are formed over a bamboo stick. Above the bamboo sticks, there is a decorative casing, inside this casing is burning fuel. The purpose of this burning fuel is to keep the torch illuminated for a long time. It is similar to a candle but instead of size and illumination it precedes candles.

Tiki torches have the capability of covering a wide range of areas ad should be place apart o illuminate the entire area. The fuel type of the tiki torch varies depending upon consumption and application but you should go for the one that has minimum consumption, repels bugs, and illuminates more.

How to Use Tiki Torches to Light up the Outdoors?

Setting up the tiki torches is usually difficult for most people. The major issue is the outdoor ground where it is to be mounted. Over concrete, it can only be adjusted by cement. Usually, tiki torches are mounted in lawns or outdoor restaurants.

There are simple steps that you have to follow for adjusting your tiki torch to light up the outdoor:

  • Space out the distance between tiki torches. Usually, a distance above 6 feet is recommended so that the light dissipates properly and both tiki torches don’t engage with each other.
  • Once you have spaced them out, try digging a hole for every torch. The hole should be almost 6 to 8 inches inside the ground so that the stick of the tiki torch could go considerably well enough into the ground.
  • Take a round plastic pipe through which the stick of the tiki torch could pass. Take this pipe and place it inside the hole you dig earlier. The pipe wouldn’t go easily so a slight hammering would be enough to place it inside.
  • Just place the tiki torch inside the pipe and it would be mounted in it.

You can place the tiki torches all around the lawn and light them up for a cozy and warm feel. These torches are very attractive and attract people from all around.


Many people often face problems while replacing the fuel of the tiki torches. No need to worry as it is not that much difficult. Make sure that when you are refilling the torch needs to be cool. There is a ring at top of the torch that needs to be rotated for getting it off. Once you have got it, use a simple plastic funnel for the refilling of the torch and set the ring over it again.

Try to store the fuel at a cool place as if exposed to a hot atmosphere it could catch fire. The cap should cover fuel so it doesn’t get dry.

How to Extinguish

There is a snuffer cap that comes with the package of a tiki torch. The purpose of this cap is to extinguish the fire. It is not easy as the cap needs to be placed with proper care. Place the cap over a torch and keep it there until the fire is no more.

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind is the placement and revocation of the snuffer cap. While removing it many people burn their hands as they forget that the cap would have heated up while extinguishing the fire. Don’t repeat the same mistake and take care of yourself.

Solar Tiki Torches

Solar tiki torches are the upgraded form of electric tiki torches. These tiki torches are high on the market and many people are buying these torches because of their safety and less cost on them. Obviously, on a traditional tiki torch, you have to spend the cost of refilling fuel and replacing snuffer caps.

This tiki torch has solar cells at top of it which catch sunlight all day long and in the evening they automatically turn on. It acts as a source of power as well as protection of the torch. This torch has full bright mode and slow blinking modes that make this torch the best one around.

It has buttons for manual control and a spare extension for extending its height. A USB port allows you to light it up without being recharged. These tiki torches are less expensive and cost-effective to use.

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