Top 5 electric scooter and hoverboards for kids in Pakistan

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An electric scooter, commonly known as the Segway scooter, is a kid’s vehicle operated by foot comprising of a thin footboard mounted between two wheels’ pair with an upstanding controlling handle joined to the front wheel. They are lightweight, foldable and may vary in specifications from company to company. An electric bike isn’t only a play toy. It makes you relish the comfort along with the aid of moving, starting with one area then onto the next. These bikes require no physical exercise like those of kick-bikes and that is the motivation behind why children find them simple to-utilize. With an electric scooter, your children will move around rapidly, requiring less effort if, for example, contrasted with a bike.


A real-life hoverboard doesn’t float or hovers actually, but it has two wheels with a long board between them, is powered by a rechargeable battery, and permits users to move over the ground without having to paddle or pushing off with their feet. These two stands among the list of things, your kids will demand when they reach a specific age. Honestly, nothing matches the hoverboard-fun and this mode of entertainment makes it well known among the young generation especially kids. Imagine being a kid again and that for accelerating, you simply need to lean forward and for stopping it, just lean in the backwards direction and that’s it. While purchasing for the hoverboard to be given to your kid, you ought to consider various factors including quality, appearance and cost.


Basically, the two products are famous among both children and teens and they have all gotten exceptionally appraised ratings by their previous clients. Children regularly converse with one another and only if one of their companions has a particular hoverboard, electric scooter or anything interesting, there is a decent chance that your child needs exactly the same one. In any case, that one probably won’t be a solid match relying upon your children’s level of expertise and age. So as to assist you with finding a product matching your demands of kid’s safety along with having good specs, we provide you with a general shopping guide, listing top 5 electric scooters or Hoverboard for kids available in Pakistan.


A unisex electric scooter for your children, having the ability to get fold when not in use, occupying less space. It runs mainly on a voltage battery source having the power of 1600W. A kid doesn’t have to travel larger distances so it is not compatible with longer routes. Although, a fully charged battery came to make this electric scooter go at least 150 km.

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The Gyroor warrior has two high-power engines of 350W each. It possesses puncture-free strong rubber rough terrain tires that give phenomenal grasp on even the most unforgiving territory. It has two 4.1 stereo system company fitted speakers and can be connected with by means of Bluetooth so as to play music. Its top speed is up to 9.5 mph and you can ride it for around 7-9 miles per charge, contingent totally upon the user’s weight, landscape surface and the riding style. This self-balanced hoverboard can even take you up even on a 30°-inclined climb.


Children do deserve to ride inconvenience. This product surely meets the cut. Use it to induce some type of excitement into your kids’ everyday drive to and from school. It is installed with an adjustable handle with the goal that you can, without much effort, fold it and place it inside a roller bag-pack case. It is made up of Aluminum amalgam material giving it an aesthetic and shiny look as well as extremely high strength.

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Use the product to introduce some type of excitement into your kids’ every day journey to and from the school. It has a chain-driven engine and speeds up to 15 mph. It has variable speed acceleration and deceleration as per need. The wide deck permits the rider to easily put both two his feet on it while riding. Pavements and lanes in urban or rural territories can be rough so this helps make the ride as smooth as it could be and retain all the stuns through its incredible wheels.


The brand available online on an eCommerce website, tarz.pk is manufactured on the advanced technology of the self-balancing control system that is easier to learn. The max speed, it can do is 9 mph. This product operates on the Lithium-batteries for running a twin 300watt engine. Due to Li-battery, it can not only charge at a fast rate but also has quality usage time. Structure designed such that it can go through mud, rocks, glass, rainy weather and even rocky platform. Built-in speakers generally don’t work without Bluetooth aid.

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Electric scooters are available for both adults and kids however that don’t mean the product that is made for a grown-up, is given to an 8-year-old youngster. Well, that is common sense but doing so can put your kid in danger. The ones designed for kids are safe though, in any case, an electric bike for kids is not any more dangerous than a bicycle itself. They both have the same speed range. Fact that we can’t ignore is that a 10-speed bike will travel a lot faster. While for hoverboards, the “official” age to be, for riding it is 8 years old and up. While it’s commonly safe, but for kids, there are always chances of injury, which is the reason we suggest safety precautions for all youngsters. It is recommended that your kid just rides their hoverboard in your carport, on sidewalks or some park. Safety of your children should always be your first priority.

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